Cold winter day indoor activities

Cold winter day indoor activities

If you are having a cold winter day, you may be wondering what to do with your kids. Here are some ideas for games, craft projects, and books for kids to keep them busy. They will have a great time learning new skills, and will stay warm and entertained for hours. You can also bake some delicious treats to warm up the house! And if you’re looking for more activities to keep your kids entertained, you might want to try a soaking tub.

Ideas to keep kids entertained on a cold winter’s day

If you’re stuck indoors on a cold day, here are a few ideas to keep kids entertained. An indoor picnic can be just as fun as an outdoor one, and you can even bring some treats and a special lunch. Use YouTube videos or a sound machine to recreate a classic picnic. Play music, make noises, and make a mess. Your kids will love it!

Make a fun obstacle course out of paper plates or popsicle sticks. Then, let your child create their own course using different objects. For instance, they can make a paddle out of paper plates and popsicle sticks. They can also make a laser beam maze out of hallway or tape. Indoor games are another way to keep kids active and happy on a cold day. Dress-up or act out new adventures based on their favorite characters.

Make a play. A cardboard box can serve as a stage, while an old bed sheet can serve as a curtain. Create a script from old costume designs. A cast party can follow after the play. The fun never ends! And don’t forget to take photos of the whole event! It’s sure to be a hit! You’ll be surprised at how many hours of entertainment your kids will have on a rainy day!

Games to play

With winter weather getting colder by the minute, there are a few fun games to play outside. For example, freeze tag. The person who gets tagged must remain frozen until another person tags them. Another fun winter game to play is flashlight tag. With winter solstice fast approaching, the sun will be setting earlier in the evening, so this game requires flashlights. Games to play on a cold winter day are bound to be a hit with kids and adults alike.

Crafts to make

If you’re cooped up inside on a cold winter day, why not create some homemade decorations? You can make a snow-inspired slime, a Valentine’s Day craft, or something as simple as a geode from eggshells. Regardless of what your age is, there’s an easy winter craft for everyone to enjoy. You can find a great project to do with your children or teenagers and a good way to spend the afternoon.

Another craft idea that can be completed with kids is a snow globe, made out of paper plates. These simple crafts are a great way to create a three-dimensional effect. To make a snow globe, simply cut out the bottom of the paper plate and glue it together with the rest of the paper. Once the paper is glued together, decorate the snow globe with a variety of materials, including googly eyes, cotton balls, and felt.

One easy craft to do with kids is to create their own polar bear masks. This activity is perfect for a cold winter day, and you can decorate the table with candy or make a penguin fleece throw blanket. These can make great gifts, too! The kids will love making their own creations. You can even add a cute animal to the mix, like a penguin, and then place it on a Christmas tree.

Books to read

Bookworms, take note: cold winter days are the most ideal time to curl up with a good book. Warm tea and cozy blankets make a great reading partner. There’s no shortage of captivating stories available in various voices to keep you occupied for hours on end. Here are ten books you’ll find unputdownable this winter:

Snow Falling on Cedars: This enchanting novel is perfect for a winter day. It features many layers of a complicated story that will make you want to keep reading until the end. Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express: This 1934 mystery follows Belgian detective Hercule Poirot aboard a luxurious train. The mystery is intricately woven throughout the book, and Christie’s writing is well known for building suspense.

Snowfall: A classic kids picture book that celebrates the beauty of the winter season, Snowfall tells the story of a boy who wakes up to snowfall. His delight in the winter wonderland he discovers is contagious and makes him appreciate blizzards. A winter day in London is the perfect time to read this story. While it’s difficult to pick a favorite book for a cold day, there are plenty of books to keep your kids entertained.

For a gripping novel that will captivate you through the chilly months, there’s no better way to spend the day than with a good book. Try “The Ice Storm” by Rick Moody. This novel, set in 1973, explores the ramifications of an ice storm in a small town in North Carolina. It’s a bittersweet read, but it gives you a glimpse into the affluent world of the early ’70s. A film adaptation of the book is in the works.


If you are looking for a way to pass a cold winter day indoors, knitting may be just what you’re looking for. It’s an incredibly relaxing activity that pairs well with Netflix and a cup of hot chocolate. There are many types of knitting that you can try, from clothes to art to homewares. To learn more about knitting, take an online knitting class. There are also a wide variety of beginner knitting patterns and videos to learn the basics. You can also try crocheting, which uses thread and special hooks to make a product.

While knitting is a fun activity for anyone, you can also enjoy its therapeutic value. The repetitive motion helps your body stay relaxed and calm, which promotes better concentration. Research suggests that a half-hour of knitting burns up to 55 calories. The benefits of knitting go beyond just its aesthetic appeal, as it’s proven to improve the health of your brain. Whether you’re looking for a fun activity for a cold winter day or a stress-busting hobby, knitting is one of the most relaxing pastimes.

Decorating a fort

Whether it’s your first time, or you’ve always dreamed of making one, decorating a fort on a cold winter morning is a great activity for the kids. Forts are easy to make, and the whole process can be completed in less than an hour. Fort-building activities encourage creativity and independent play. You can use all sorts of materials, including pillows, sheets, chairs, and even clips! But getting into the fort is only half the fun!