Indoor activities for first birthday party

Indoor activities for first birthday party

When planning a baby shower, you’ll need to consider the age range of the guests. Some adults might want to play some games with their babies while they chat with the other adults. Parents know the value of time, so choose a venue that can accommodate the kids of different ages. For the first birthday party, you can consider a ball pit or kiddie pool. In addition, don’t forget to consider games that crawling babies will enjoy.

Ideas for indoor activities for a first birthday party

A baby shower does not necessarily need a party theme, but it is best to plan some fun activities, such as a ball pit. You can set up a kiddie pool and colorful plastic balls indoors, or you can set up the entire event outdoors. Take plenty of photos and make sure guests are entertained. After all, the birthday girl will be celebrating her first birthday! If you do decide to host a baby shower indoors, you should make sure that there are games and activities that will be safe for her little one.

To create a ball pit, you can purchase a small plastic ball pit, fill it with colorful balls, and then use a kid-corral or pack-n-play to let the guests have fun playing in it. The ball pit can also serve as a photo-ops station. Add some bubbles to create an outdoor-like environment. If you are worried about the weather, you can even use a pop-up tunnel to create fun indoor activities.

A water table is another fun activity for children. While the birthday child may be excited to see their friends, parents should not put too much pressure on the child. Too many activities can be overwhelming to a young child. Shari has some great ideas for a 1-year-old party that everyone will enjoy. A giant mirror is sure to keep the guests entertained for minutes. The party can be a big success if the baby and guests alike have a blast.

Games for crawling babies

The most important thing to remember for indoor games for crawling babies is that they are still young. If the baby is still on all fours, this activity will help build strength and coordination. The toy should be within reach, but if the baby doesn’t reach it, you can move it farther away. The more frustrated the baby becomes, the longer they need to reach it. In this game, babies practice grabbing, grasping, and rolling.

One fun way to entertain the crawling babies is to set up a race track. You can set up the race track by filling a baby pool and placing small gifts inside. You can also set up a pop-up tunnel for a peek-a-boo game, or let the crawling babies retrieve their stuffed animals or sensory balls. Some water tables are connected to a tent or a ball pit.

Another fun way to entertain the baby is to place a box corner. They will love playing with boxes, and will love lifting lids or crawling through them. To add to the fun, you can set up soft rubber balls or small bean bags as targets. Stuffed animals make for fun role-play games. If you can afford it, you can even arrange a room with stuffed animals. If you can’t afford to rent a play area, you can use a small box.

Ball pits

Ball pits are the perfect indoor activity for children to enjoy at a first birthday party. Ball pits can be inflated and filled with colorful balls. Your little one will have a blast playing in the pit, which can be fun for everyone. You can get a 200-pack of phthalate-free balls on Amazon. After a few times, your toddler will begin to get bored with the same pit.

Ball pits are also inexpensive to buy and set up indoors. You can tie the theme of the party into the pit, such as a farm or zoo. You can also set up a photo booth with a polaroid camera or home photo printer. A ball pit is a great way to keep everyone entertained, but be sure to supervise it! Keep in mind that safety is the most important concern when planning a party for a little one.

Bubble blowing is always a favorite with toddlers. Using a bubble machine can make it even more fun. Guests can take turns blowing bubbles to create a fun atmosphere. Another fun activity is building a tunnel. You can find a pop-up tunnel that is a fun indoor game for kids up to age four. A pop-up tunnel is another great indoor activity for a first birthday party.

Kiddie pools

Kids will love the sensory experience that an indoor kiddie pool can offer, and they’ll also love a game that requires them to splash around. Buy a couple hundred plastic balls and set them in the kiddie pool. Alternatively, you can buy a plastic ball pack and set it up indoors. Make sure to tell your guests that they’ll need a BPA-free ball for the game, and set up a walkway with lights and a music system.

If your kid is turning one, consider planning a mermaid-themed party for your child’s first birthday. Create mermaid crowns, paint some mini beach balls and string them to create a seaside backdrop. Alternatively, have pool-side activities such as volleyball, capture the flag, and basketball games. You can even decorate the archway of the back door with beach balls. You can also arrange a squirt gun battle. Make sure to supervise the activity so that it does not get out of hand.

The kids can also enjoy a game of Marco-Polo. They can whack a pinata while jumping in the water. If your child is not yet a good swimmer, you can even get a life jacket and have an adult in the water with them. The swimming portion of the party lasts about an hour and 15 minutes, and then it’s time to dry off. The pool is filled with toys and other fun activities that will keep the party animals busy for hours.

Sensory balls

If you want to provide your child with an interactive activity for their first birthday party, sensory balls may be a good choice. They offer a wide variety of sensory experiences and can be a simple way to get your child involved. You can purchase phthalate-free balls at for a low price and then set them up in a corner for your guests to play with. Then, you can serve them a snack while they are playing, such as a small container of ice cream.

Another sensory activity that’s perfect for an indoor birthday party is a set of three large sensory balls. These toys feature different textures and colors. There are also hidden sounds. Your baby will have fun playing with these toys while he or she learns cause-and-effect relationships. Ultimately, sensory balls will encourage your baby to interact with you while learning important skills such as hand-eye coordination and socialization.

A fun way to incorporate sensory balls into your first birthday party is to use them for bathtime. You can easily attach them to stroller handles or shopping cart handles to encourage the little ones to reach for the balls. They’ll keep the kids entertained for hours! Once the sensory balls have been soaked up, it’s time to switch them out for other sensory toys. Besides playing with sensory balls, the other sensory options include hanging animals, stuffed toys, and other educational games.


Adding a Photobooth to your first birthday party is a great way to add an interactive element to the celebration. The booth has been around since the 1889 World Fair, but the technology has advanced quite a bit. You can rent one for your party from a company like Pic Click Photo Booth. For a fun and creative photo booth for your first birthday, here are some tips to consider:

Create a photo booth using colorful tablecloths or jumbo fabric pieces. Use fun-to-be-one party props, such as glasses and hats, or fake mustaches and boas. Older children and parents will enjoy the opportunity to dress up in costumes, too! Try using a polaroid camera or home photo printer. For a more elaborate experience, consider hiring a professional photographer to take the photos.

A photobooth also offers another fun activity: guessing which guest is the baby. This game is suitable for adults, older kids, and even babies. Guests send a photo of themselves when they were babies. They hang the pictures around the room, writing their name below each photo. Then, guests try to guess which baby is in each photo. The one who guesses the most correctly wins a prize.