Indoor activities to do when stoned

Indoor activities to do when stoned

If you have a few hours to spare, you may want to find some indoor activities to do when stoned. Among those are journaling, painting, yoga, and weed pong. There are so many different options to choose from, so you are sure to find something that suits you and your personality. But which activities are best when stoned? Here are a few ideas to get you started. These indoor activities will help you pass the time when you are stoned, so get reading!


If you’re feeling creative, journaling can be an excellent indoor activity to do when stoned. Some people use bullet journals to track their marijuana use, and others are creatively inspired to record their thoughts about cannabis. Regardless of the type of journaling you do, it will undoubtedly be an enjoyable activity to do while stoned. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Once you’ve gotten your journal started, try making entries and recording your experiences!

Aside from journaling, you can also take part in cannabis cooking classes. Many cities now offer these classes, and they can be a great way to spend time with your friends and family while high. Similarly, journaling helps you reflect on your life and the experiences that shaped your life. Often, pot creates deep thoughts that need to be unburdened and directed towards a great buddy.


Getting creative while high is one of the best things to do when stoned. You might be attracted to colors or patterns, and art is a great way to express yourself and show off your skills. Painting can even be more fun when you’re stoned! If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can even try your hand at woodworking. This creative outlet can be especially therapeutic if you’re stoned.

Depending on your level of tolerance, marijuana can give you the energy boost you need to do a wide range of tasks. You may be able to clean the bathroom or house while stoned. Other activities to do when stoned include meditating or becoming absurdly thoughtful. Painting can also help you break free of your own mind and explore new aspects of yourself. If you don’t like to paint, you can always watch movies or play video games.

Another great indoor activity for those who are feeling stoned is writing. Not only can you write funny stories, but you can also create your own. You might even come up with a whole new idea or two. If you want to try painting without a partner, you can go to a cannabis-friendly studio called The Paint Sesh. The Paint Sesh even has virtual painting sessions. A great way to unwind after a long day of stoned fun!


For those who are stoned and not too tired to go out, yoga and jogging are both great activities to participate in. Yoga and jogging require a lot of mental flexibility and patience, and cannabis can help you open up your mind and burn calories. Moreover, these activities can help you clear your mind of self-conscious thoughts. If you are interested in trying out yoga, you should know that yoga has numerous benefits, including stress reduction and relaxation.

Cooking can be fun and rewarding, and with the right strain, a high can make you talkative. Besides, the buzz you feel can make you laugh, and you can even make some good conversation with friends. A good friend can also be a great companion when you’re stoned, so you can reconnect with them and talk about old problems. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your weed without feeling guilty.

Taking a hot bubble bath can be a good way to unwind while stoned. The right music and environment can help you relax and unwind. Try some new foods, but be sure to avoid snoring. You might also want to cook new things, but be sure to sooth yourself first! You don’t want to wake up snoring while stoned. If cooking isn’t your thing, try something new like the KonMari method or vision board.

Playing board games is another fun way to pass time while stoned. Whether you’re stoned or not, board games are great ways to relax and get rid of social anxiety. There are many classic games that you can play while stoned, such as Sorry. And if you’re looking for a more modern game, there’s also a new version called Cards Against Humanity. The more challenging the puzzle, the more fun it’ll be.

Weed Pong

Board games are a great way to get a little stoned fun back into your life. The best board game is Sorry, and it’s perfect for a betrayal-themed party. You can even use objects as instruments and try to play the game live. Try to stay in tune, and don’t start laughing! You can even win prizes by winning the tournaments. Here are some indoor activities to do when stoned:

Dancing is another good idea for stoned folks. If you’re home and have some music playing, you can light a bonfire and get your groove on. Try a new dance move or reenact one from your past. This is also a great way to burn calories and move energy, while getting in a more positive mindset. Dancing also lets you let go of self-conscious thoughts. Dancing also gives you a high and a great way to unwind.

Watching a movie can also help you get high. You may enjoy a mindless movie or a thought-provoking movie. Some people may enjoy familiar films while watching through smoke. Others may prefer more extreme, mind-boggling movies. No matter which one you choose, it’s sure to be fun! If you’re feeling particularly stoned, you may want to consider a few different options. Besides the obvious of exercising, reading can help you unwind after a long day.

Another fun activity to do while stoned is playing games. Games are a great way to relax and reduce social anxiety. Games can range from classic board games like Candyland and Monopoly to modern titles such as Cards Against Humanity. The possibilities are endless, and you can pick a variety of games to enjoy. This is also a great way to have a good time. When you’re high, try playing drinking games, too!

Watching movies

While watching a movie while stoned, you might feel that time has stood still and you are a heightened idiocy. The film may be as mind-numbing and absurd as hypothetical conversations, or as realistic as the scene of a cartoon character bouncing off a falling safety. In either case, your mind is skewed and you’re unlikely to notice the intentional humor.

The perfect movie to watch while stoned depends on your personality. For example, if you’re high on a film with intense action, you should watch one with a lot of action. For those who like melodramas, watch “The Matrix” or ‘Avatar.’ This way, you can be sure that you won’t be distracted while the film plays. If you’re unsure about what movie to watch while stoned, just pick a movie you’re sure to enjoy.

If you’re looking for a way to spend some quality time with your partner, you might want to try making love while stoned. Marijuana enhances your sexual experience, and many couples have said that they had their best sex ever while high. Standard touching is also arousing and enthralling, so there’s no need to feel guilty about watching a movie while stoned.